Over the years, Joe has given hundreds of speeches on a wide range of topics. His talks are funny, fast moving, inspirational and loaded with important lessons that the audience will use in their business and personal lives.


Joe will share his story of starting Elite Homes with $5 growing it into Louisville’s largest home building company and culminating in selling it to a national company.  The challenges and critical decisions over the 44 years are analyzed and discussed.

Stand-up Comedy Routine​

This is a 30-45 minute G-Rated presentation. Joe will recap his life covering such subjects as his family, prior jobs, his employees, customers and other life experiences.

Estimating & Business Management​

This presentation (normally 4 hours) will cover many of the key elements of running a successful Home Building business. These same principles however, can be applied to any business. Approximately 1/2 of the seminar is focused on estimating and cost containment strategies. In other words, it is of no value to have a perfect estimate, if you can’t control your costs.

Other topics covered are sales, supplier and subcontractor relations, contracts, change orders, working with realtors and building inspectors, working with difficult clients and negotiating.

In a 1/2 day, learn everything you need to know to be successful. Many attendees keep coming back because so much is covered that they want to make sure they did not miss something.

Negotiating for the Home Building Industry​

This presentation will teach you how to get what you want using “win-win” negotiating. It will cover the 3 stages of every negotiation, 10 basic principles and 10 basic rules of negotiating. This presentation concludes with 20 different negotiating tactics or gambits using real life examples to illustrate each example. People negotiate everyday, in every aspect of their life. Learn this important skill from one of the best.

Answering the Call to Community Leadership​

Sometimes there is a need for someone to raise their hand and accept the challenge to solve an issue in their community.  It can be bringing new homes to an impoverished community in the inner city, organizing a rescue package for a beloved arts institution or stepping up to build a home for a community hero.  Joe will share his story and lessons learned.

Leadership in Tough Times​

This talk will encourage attendees to adopt six specific strategies that every individual can use to not just survive, but thrive in a tough economic climate. This speech was created to inspire and motivate. “Just what I needed to hear,” “I was energized by your speech” are some of the comments by recent attendees.  (Approx 35 minutes)

Sample Videos From Presentation

Power of One - Helping to Rescue the Louisville Orchestra​

Margaret Mead once said, “A small group of thoughtful people could change the world. Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” In these presentations, Joe will tell stories of how one person can change the world- the power of one. These presentation are fun, uplifting and most importantly, life changing.